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Welcome to Urban Nexus

Urban Nexus, is set up to deliver projects and programmes in community cohesion, urban regeneration, economic development, preventing and fundraising.  Since 2006 the services offered by Urban Nexus are provided through a network of knowledgeable and skilled professionals, around the country.

The organisation derives its strength from its wide range of partners in the public, private and community sectors, which distinguishes it from many other similar organisations. Urban Nexus promotes and identifies best practice in community cohesion, regeneration and Preventingn by advocating an integrated and joined-up approach to social, economic and environmental issues.

Our approach is to listen, engage and involve organisations and stakeholders in the process. We have worked successfully in developing the capacity of organisations and projects through practical support, advice and training to ensure they deliver a more efficient service and are sustainable into the future.

We would be happy to discuss the exact requirements of your project with you. Please contact our office in the first instance and you will be directed to the person who is best able to assist. To find out more about our core services click here.

Urban Nexus
274 Watford Road, Chiswell Green, St Alban's, Hertfordshire, AL2 3DN Tel: 07775 818919 E-mail: info@urbannexus.co.uk Website: www.urbannexus.co.uk

Delivering PREVENT

The guide provides information on lessons learned and emerging best practice. It aims to help to achieve more effective local delivery of Prevent in communities.For more info...


Bassac, the membership body for community organisations, is launching a guide to help support providers manage collaboration in the third sector. The guide is aimed at d...

Capacity Manager

Would you like to manage your overheads? ACEVO had a new business tool called Capacity Manager funded by Capacity Builders that aims to help the voluntary sector bodies manage their spending on overheads more...

HR and Health & Safety

Does your organisation meet HR and Health and Safety Legislation? This free, online service can be used by all not-for-profit groups including charities, commu...

Strategic Insight and Planning Toolkit

Voice4Change and 3rd Sector Foresight partnership links strategy and BME issues

Schools Toolkit

Training and Development Agency for Schools has a toolkit to boost pupil performance and well-being. For more information contact 0207 023 8080


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